Brand building


At SODC, we leverage every possible platform to build product awareness among Japanese customers.
Browse the samples below to see how we can harness the power of the Internet, social media, events, TV, outdoor signage, print ads and licensing tie-ins to boost awareness of your brand.


We created Japanese-language websites for the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaning robot and Braava floor mopping robot, for Blueair's air purifier, and for Romotive's educational robot.

  • iRobot-iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner
  • Blueair-Blueair air purifier
  • Romo-Romo educational robot

Social media

We created an official Japanese Roomba Twitter feed and an official Japanese Roomba Facebook page.


Our links to the media guarantee that the promotional events we stage are always well attended. These pictures show the booth we created for iRobot Roomba at CEATEC, Japan's largest IT/electronics show.

Television commercials

The Japanese TV audience is still relatively unfragmented making TV a very powerful advertising medium. You can see all the TV commercials we made to promote Roomba on the YouTube iRobot channel.

Outdoor signage

Japan's public transport network is probably the best and busiest in the world. Railway stations, like Shinjuku Station where we advertised Roomba, represent a great opportunity to reach millions of commuter eyeballs every day.

Print media

In Japan newspapers still sell robustly. Five major newspapers each has a circulation of approximately 10 million copies per day. That's equivalent to one-twelfth of the total population! Information-rich advertorials are a particularly effective promotion tool for innovative technologies.

CSR-related promotions

We developed a Roomba model with a natural wood veneer faceplate to publicize the important role that tree thinning plays in forest conservation. We then distributed one hundred units free to welfare facilities and day-care centers in Tokushima prefecture.

iRobot-iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner
Blueair-Blueair air purifier

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