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At Sales on Demand Corporation, or SODC, we specialize in helping international product brands gain access to the Japanese market.
We are the exclusive Japanese distributor of the bestselling Roomba vacuum cleaner, made by US-based iRobot Corporation; and of the Blueair air purifier, made by Blueair AB from Sweden.
All of these products have something in common: they are cool, they are innovative, and they elicit the spontaneous response, "Wow, that's great !"

We handle the whole sales and marketing process for our partners, from developing and implementing Japan-specific marketing plans to dealing with sales and distribution. In fact, we function just like one of our partner company's business unit.

Japanese consumers are famously loyal to brands they perceive to be premium. We enable our partners to achieve that premium positioning and thereby win a large, loyal following in the world's third-largest economy.

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iRobot-iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner
Blueair-Blueair air purifier

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