Business Domain

The business of Sales On Demand Corporation involves all activities related to high-quality overseas products for the Japanese market.

Throughout the world, the maturity of the Japanese market is considered relatively high and that the Japanese are discerning consumers.
Most overseas manufacturers planning to enter the Japanese market are surprised at the high level of quality that Japanese consumers demand of products and services. Entry into the Japanese market has often been prevented by the gap between the quality of products and services and the level required by Japanese consumers, as well as the complicated business practices unique to Japan.
Sales On Demand Corporation can provide a variety of services designed to fill the perceptual gap between overseas companies and Japanese consumers. To this end, five professional teams\product development, marketing, sales, technology, and support\collaborate with one another and provide consistent services that encompass everything from strategy development to marketing measures, sales channels, and support. This system allows us to act promptly as if we were the branch offices of overseas companies.

The business of Sales On Demand Corporation is related to high-quality overseas products ready for entry into the Japanese market.

Business Deployment by Sales On Demand Corporation

One flow by five professional teams

Through the collaboration of the five teams of product development, marketing, sales, technology, and support,
we achieve the establishment of new business in the Japanese market in one continuous flow.

  1. We build competitive strategies for entry into the Japanese market based on thorough investigations.

  2. We enhance consumer demand in Japan by fully capitalizing on the marketing techniques that match Japanese market conditions and the product life cycle.

  3. We select the distribution network most appropriate for the product from among the complicated distribution networks unique to Japan.

  4. We improve customer satisfaction by establishing a call center or a support center in Japan

  5. We provide feedback to manufacturers, such as comments from Japanese consumers, how products are used, and the problems that can arise from conditions unique to Japan, to contribute to the development of new products and the improvement of services.


Product Lines

Blueair Air Purifier

Manufacturer Blueair AB (Sweden)
Product name in Japan Blueair Air Purifier
Official website in Japan

Established in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden, Blueair AB manufactures specialized air purifiers. Currently, the company sells its products in more than 50 countries. The high-performance air purification system and the unique sophisticated Scandinavian design earned for the company the strong support of users around the world as a high-end air purification brand. In Japan, Sales On Demand Corporation started selling their products as an exclusive agency in March 2010. Blueair air purifiers feature large capacity and high performance not found in existing Japanese products.

Window cleaning robot WINDOWMATE

Manufacturer RF Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Product name in Japan Window cleaning robot WINDOWMATE
Official website in Japan

The window-cleaning robot WINDOWMATE automatically cleans windows. Simply sandwich the window glass with the two separate units containing magnets and push the button. WINDOWMATE then measures the window size and cleans automatically. Since large, tall windows can be automatically, simply, and safely cleaned, users save time and labor. Through the sales of WINDOWMATE in Japan, Sales On Demand Corporation aims to disseminate this easy-to-use window-cleaning product called WINDOWMATE, raise the frequency of window cleaning in Japanese households, and make window cleaning part of the daily routine.