Corporate Philosophy


We create new corporate value through discovery, inspiration, and execution and thereby provide consumers and society with our concept of "This is great!"


Discovery <Realization, awareness, discovery>

Every employee pursues the wishes and needs of others from their perspective and uncovers new possibilities.

Inspiration <Plans, projects, and design for specific objectives>

We will continue to create a free and vigorous internal corporate environment filled with the spirit of accepting the challenge of creating unique ideas that defy stereotypes.

Execution <Eagerness, driving force, motivation, propulsion>

Good ideas and plans become worthless if they are not readily put into practice. With a global perspective and impressive agility, we actively provide products and services that inspire, excite, and thrill people and society.



We offer users new comfort and satisfaction through products that provide irresistible sensations and functions.


We promise to expand sales opportunities and customer bases for clients by creating new categories and market needs.


We contribute to the realization of a spiritually enriched society by creating a better living environment and activating the domestic economy. Each one of us is pleased to enrich society through high-quality products and services.